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The Island of San Pietro has an extension of 51 km2, it is the second island of the Sulcitan archipelago. Its coasts are high and rocky bathed by crystal clear waters, while its interior is covered by Mediterranean scrub. Around the Island you will see the seagull and the falcon of the Queen.

The island has volcanic origins, it is geologically famous because the rocks known as “commenditi” take their name from a particular area of the island where they were studied and classified for the first time.

Carloforte is the only town on the island. It was founded during the reign of Carlo Emanuele III by a colony of Ligurian fishermen from Tabarka, an island off the coast of Tunisia.

Information and events

Those who arrive in Carloforte from the sea discover the pleasure of a stay "on land". Walking through the typical Ligurian "carruggi", visiting the “Tonnara” factories, cycling through the dirt streets of the island are the best way to learn about the traditions and history of this small "great" island.


Useful numbers

Emergency Medical 

Via Don Pagani 5 - 09014 Carloforte (SU)

+39 0781 855666

Coast Guard


via S. Teresa n.3 - 09014 Carloforte 

+39 0781 854023


Via Salvo D' Acquisto 54 - 09014 Carloforte (SU)

+39 0781 855821